PIEC Working Group

Crafting a Strategic Framework for Deeper Environmental Coverage Over the Next Decade

Working Group Participants, 2014-2015

Celia Alario, Professor of Environmental Communications, UC Santa Barbara

Jeff Burnside, Investigative Journalist, KOMO 4 Seattle

Peter Dykstra, Publisher, Daily Climate and Environmental Health News

Eric Freedman, Director, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University

David Heath, Senior Reporter, Center for Public Integrity

Sara Shipley Hiles, Associate Professor & Freelance Journalist, Missouri School of Journalism

Brian Howard, Reporter and Editor, National Geographic

Michael Kodas, Associate Director, Center for Environmental Journalism (University of Colorado Boulder)

Randy Loftis, Environmental Reporter, Dallas Morning News

Bobby Magill, Science Writer, Climate Central

Tim McDonnell, Associate Producer, Climate Desk

Sunshine Menezes, Executive Director, Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting

Tyson Miller, Senior Fellow, Project for Improved Environmental Coverage

Beth Parke, Executive Director, Society of Environmental Journalists

David Poulson, Associate Director, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism

Raisa Scriabine, Producer EarthFocus, KCET/Link TV

Kate Sheppard, Environment and Energy Editor, Huffington Post

Dave Spratt, CEO, Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources

Wm. Roger Witherspoon, Freelance Journalist and SEJ Board Member