Success Models

Success-Models-CoverThere is a great need for improved coverage of the environment in the news media industry as a whole — on average, the environment makes up only about 1% of headlines. However, there are many news outlets that are producing strong, in-depth and even award-winning environmental stories and many are using innovative structures and models to promote continued strong news coverage of the environment.

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This report highlights some of these structures and models that are successfully being employed to to achieve strong environmental coverage by a variety of news outlets including:

•    Staffing dedicated environmental reporters and editors
•    Partnering with news organizations specializing in environmental coverage
•    Pooling resources with other news organizations to maximize depth and quality of coverage
•    Maintaining a dedicated environmental section or segment
•    Including environmental stories among top headlines
•    Integrating environmental angles into stories focusing on other topics
•    Curating content available from other sources

This report explores just a few of the organizations who are leaders in environmental coverage and highlights examples where they are employing some of these techniques. Smaller, non-profit, and independent news organization seem to be more willing or able to experiment with some of these new models and structures, which is why there is more representation from that sector of media industyry, but there are legacy news outlets who are prioritizing coverage, and using purposeful methods to retain high quality coverage. We have tried to highlight unique structures and models that promote prioritizing environmental coverage in the hopes that they can be replicated and built upon throughout the industry.

This report was developed primarily from interviews with leaders from across the industry to dig into what some of those structures look like, and how other’s might incorporate some of these models into their own organizations. This report can be used as tool to identify strategies to improve environmental coverage by highlighting real-world examples of what is working at other news organizations.

Download and read the full report here.